Development Management In today`s cutting edge business environment, providing Development Management, Project Management and Investor Representation isn`t just about managing a process. Clients choose Goodnex to broaden their resources and extend their expertise; manage risk and make sound decisions; leverage knowledge of specific markets; and ensure the success of their investment. At Goodnex, we make it our business to understand your vision and what success means to you.
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Internet Marketing Support

Investor Representation As an investor in a project, you may, for a Varity of reasons, be removed from the daily activities of the projects in which you have financial interests, and you may not be getting the information you need to be able to make informed decisions to protect your investments. You need someone who understands your particular position as an investor. Goodnex's Investor Representation service bridges the gap between you and your projects, becoming your eyes and ears and watching over them throughout their development. We draw upon our expertise and resources to provide you with information relevant to you. As with all of our services, we tailor our Investor Representation services to meet your specific needs. A sample of these includes:

  • Current Risks and Impact Issues
    Review of Project Documents
    Review of Contractor and Consultant Agreements
    Review of Other Relevant Agreements

  • Schedule Summary
    Schedule Analysis
    Overall project Schedule update
    Look Ahead/ Look Back Update
    Current Project Schedule

  • Financial Summary
    Budget Analysis
    Sources and Uses
    Actual/Projected Expenditures
    Contract Allowances
    Contingency Update and Tracking
Project Management Project Management and Owner Representation channel the majority of the Goodnex assignments. We are experts at leading and managing project teams through the complex processes of planning, designing and executing. Goodnex's involvement in the early stages of your project offers you the greatest opportunity to most effectively control costs, schedule and quality assurance. We can advise you on project feasibility issues and proactively manage on-going change by working with professional's team during the strategic development of your project. This enables us to anticipate and respond quickly to project conditions and keep your project moving forward.

Project Management Service:
  • Program Development
  • Budget Development
  • Schedule Development
  • Design administration
  • Project Close-out
Small Business Marketing Strategy
Small business Marketing Strategy in the current economic era of dept and uncertainty is very hard for small business owners to get themselves noticed. Advertising is expensive and the big companies are the only ones who can afford to let people know of price drops and discounts that everyone goes for in this sort of economic climate. Therefore a strong website and logo are vital for small business owners, with some decent search engine optimization and a good brand image can make all the difference in this precarious economy. Goodnex has assisted a multitude of small to mid-size businesses, in a variety of industries, gain a competitive advantage with a better brand. And we can help you:

  • Increase confidence in your business brand
  • Build credibility with a consistent business identity
  • Separate your business from the competition
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